Into the woods

This is part of WendyLynn & Co.'s spring promotion, the moment where the children hear a voice from inside the house.

I'm still trying to figure out if the white bird who led Hansel and Gretel to the house was in league with the witch, or was just trying to help the hungry kids...or was just hungry for a part of the house itself. - lec

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Spring teaching, illustrating

Life as a teacher and an illustrator presents new challenges in both roles every day. The spring term has begun, and winter's fury seems to have held off here in the Midwest for a bit.

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Continuing the work

After a very busy summer teaching and painting the illustrations for a new Christmas book, we're settling in for a new fall routine. Two new books are in progress and we're looking down the road to the next ones. My new and returning art students are curious about where to go next with what they've learned.

Now for another cup of coffee....

— lec

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Still working, still learning

With the ever-unfolding chapters of teaching art to young people, my attention to this site has suffered a bit. Still, I learn through the eyes of my students now, and hear their fresh critiques and advice as I share my current work with them. (While the books are in production, I cannot share them here).

It's spring break now, and I look forward to a culmination of the art classes for the students and for myself...a second masters degree, teaching art to more than 300 middle school students, and completing four children's books. Still, I'm feeling younger and better than ever, and eager to move forward in ways that will improve the lives of my students as well as brighten the prospects in my career as an illustrator.

I'll try to take a few minutes to smell the spring air, and enjoy a few extra moments of rest before returning to the full schedule for the remainder of the school year.

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Merry Christmas

After the busiest half-year I've ever experienced, I feel something like this little guy. Jack is part of this year's holiday promotional collaboration with my agent, and right now he's scampering around the house in the direction of anyone making holiday preparations.

Blessings to you all.  — lon eric

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