New Bible in print in October 2018

The Growing in Faith Bible is being printed as of this writing, and can be pre-ordered through its publisher, Concordia House Publishing or through Amazon (where you can take a look inside).

They say it should ship around October 16, 2018.

Concordia commissioned 125 illustrations from me, and the pictures are paired with summaries of the stories. The entire bible text is nearby, so readers can go back to the Source.

I've shared some of these images with little children -- some pre-readers interested in pictures containing sheep or ships --  along with international students, friends from church, colleagues and family members. Thank you all for your feedback along the way.

The illustrations often spark memories of the accompanying stories, and young and old can retell the before, during and after of each image.

And again, if they're not sure about a certain part, or have a question about why the artist put that particular detail in, they can check the Source. I have tried to be faithful to that.

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Illustrating The Book

We're working with Concordia House Publishing on a new illustrated children's Bible that should be published in the coming year. More than one hundred illustrations will be paired with story summaries, and will be distributed throughout a colorful ESV Study Bible for children and adults.

I'm rediscovering fascinating details of this big Story along the way, and will try to share a few images from time to time as we get closer to publication.

Thanks to my friends, family, colleagues and students who have offered feedback as these pictures have developed from the sketch stage into completed illustrations. Your eyes and your ideas help me see these stories in a new light.

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Self portrait . . . in China

My agent at WendyLynn & Co. asked for a self-portrait for a promotional piece.
A student asked me today why my beard is so many different colors.

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Instructions from the 'Boss'

Illustration recounting the day my sister and I worked for the circus. Still have the hat.

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New art for a new season

I spent a part of a hot day recently with pen and ink while a few African elephants drifting by.

A somewhat cooler local attraction, The National Toy and Miniature Museum, will reopen this weekend. This spring the museum commissioned me to draw introductory illustrations for some of the toy displays, as well as the furniture holding the displays. It will be quite a surprise to the pen and ink art all full-sized, interacting with artifacts and people.

Just in time for a new school year.

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