At work

My son shot this photo for a promotion featuring WendyLynn's illustrators. The book I'm working on in this small studio should reach its conclusion in the coming month. Four illustrated children's books were produced here in the past year, and all four should be in print by summer. I'm grateful to the authors who believed in their project enough to commission the illustrations and to Wendy Mays, who helped each partnership get off the ground. And I'm especially thankful for my family, who has encouraged me at every step. – lec

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Lucy is making her rounds

"Lucy the Baby Deer" has been released and is getting into the hands of young readers. The author, Robert Maunus, is encouraged with the initial response, and we hope to expand its reach into more bookstores, libraries and children's bookshelves soon with a second printing.

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Lucy into print

The new book, Lucy, the Baby Deer, will be off the presses in a week or so. It will be good to feel the hardcover book in my hands after seeing it develop. The designer sent me a copy of the cover.

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A busy start to 2009

"The Secret of St. Nicholas" is still on sale through its web site, and some of the artwork was featured in an exhibit in Maryland over the Christmas season. Here is a collage of some of the images that I recreated for the author.

New artwork will be forthcoming as I'm able to share the new projects underway. The book about the baby deer is in production and some sketches for other books are in the early stages, - lec

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New book for getting away from it all....

C.W. Gusewelle's new book, The Cabin - Away from it All, was published in time for Christmas this year. The author was good enough to let me do the cover and a few inside illustrations. From the publisher's description:

Join C.W. Gusewelle as he opens his cabin door -- and his heart -- to the reader in this moving collection of columns from his hideaway in the Missouri's Ozarks.

The cabin's influence on Gusewelle, columnist with The Kansas City Star, cannot be overstated.  In his 20s, after returning from the military, Gusewelle spent a solitary winter there, working to grow his skills as a writer. 

Part of each day he spent at the typewriter, part cutting stove wood to keep warm, and part hunting game for food.

Decades later, it remains his refuge.

Inside these pages are countless memories of family, friends, creatures great and small, and the inspiring message of man's necessary alliance with nature.

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